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Your Best Weapon

In our consumerist society money is the best weapon you have against whatever it is you have chosen to fight. People tend not to use it because of the convenience. Who cares if Wal-Mart is exploiting its workers? As long as they have low prices, people will continue to shop there. Well, not I! In America your money is an extention of who you are. Marketing companies figured out years ago that what you buy says a lot about your lifestyle. What the majority of Americans haven’t figured out yet is that where you shop is equally as important. If a corporation you give money to, even through purchases, supports a particular cause, you are giving money to that cause whether you agree with it or not. Unfortunately, many Americans are too lazy to research these companies and decide how comfortable they are about buying clothes that were made in a 3rd world sweat shop or food that has so many antibiotics, hormones, and pesticides in it that the flavor has to be replaced with artificial substances.

Even if you don’t have the time or patience to only patronize establishments that support all of your pet causes, you CAN choose one or two that are most important. If you support domestic partnerships for homosexuals, don’t buy gas from Exxon or contribute to the Salvation Army. If you are anti-Mormon, stay away from your local Albertsons or ACME, and keep your son home from Boy Scouts. If you support independent artists, step away from the Jessica Simpson CD and buy your music online. If you think not enough people are speaking up or speaking out, make sure you buy tickets to see political comics, buy books by authors who are trying to tell the truth, and get your news online.

Donate to THIS cause because:
2,879 US Soldiers have been killed in Iraq
21,778 US Soldiers have been wounded in Iraq


Who Won?

I originally started this blog because I was fed up with the Republican Administration and I needed an outlet for my anger and frustration. Over the past two years I have learned that the Republicans and Democrats are not all that different. This election day I was disappointed to find that I was right. The American people elected Democrats who are opposed to gay marriage, who are anti-abortion, etc… Even Tom DeLay agrees that the Democrats didn’t win, the Republicans lost. Democrats are really just govern with a more sensitive imperialism, but there were some “wins” for those of us who have been begging to get out from under the thumb of Lord Bush and his Cabal. As 200 Socialist members of the European Parliament said in an unprecedented joint statement, “this is the beginning of the end of a six-year nightmare for the world.” The American people seem to agree, as Democrats now control the House, the Senate, and a majority of state Governorships. Someone might even call for impeachment!

This election day was also a win for diversity. Hopefully this election day was a win for women. Nancy Pelosi will take over as Speaker of the House, a mere two seats away from the Presidency. If we’re luck, this will open minds and prepare people for more women running for high-level positions in government. It’s a long time coming, but it is coming. Minnesota elected the first Muslim to the US House of Representatives (Keith Ellison), and Massachusetts has elected the first African American Governor since reconstruction (Deval Patrick). Perhaps the best news was the resignation of Donald Rumsfeld, most likely for this reason:

2,843 US soldiers killed in Iraq
21,572 US soldiers wounded in Iraq


A General Term

When I refer to Christians, I am referring to believers in Christ in the general sense unless I specifically name a sect. I recognize that not all Christians behave in the same way or believe in exactly the same thing. These generalizations are based on my own observations, as well as what I have learned through the study of Christianity, the Bible, scholarly texts regarding Christianity and its people, and many, many discussions with Christians themselves.



Non-believer is the term Christians use for those who do not believe in Jesus Christ, even if the person believes in God. Some Christians see the non-believer as an opportunity to ensure their own place in heaven by “Saving” someone. Others see the non-believer as a person to be ignored, not necessarily out of maliciousness, but simply because it is easier to focus one’s attention on only those who share the same beliefs. Some Christians, such as the Amish, are required by the rules of their faith to actively ostracize those who have left the church. Other sects do not require ostracizing non-believers but practice it anyway.


They’re Gay, Stupid, or Both

Last week New Jersey decided that homosexuals have the the same domestic rights as the rest of us, which is great because now their former Republican governor (Tim McGreevey) can live the life he had been denying for so long. After the Foley scandal and now Ted Haggard, I’m beginning to wonder if all Republicans in government are just hiding the flames coming out of their asses – not that there’s anything wrong with being gay, it’s just nice if you admit to it (and stop trying to legislate against it). Soon instead of saying someone’s “a little light in the loafers” we’ll all say, “He’s a little Republican.” Additionally, why does anyone feel bad that these guys are having their personal lives brought into the campaign? Wouldn’t it be better to ask why they’re so insensitive to a topic or a group of people they’re so familiar with?

In funnier news, Senator Mike DeWine (R-Ohio) said that an employee of his opponent, “unfortunately ate a banana laced with marijuana and had to go to the hospital.” Seriously. That’s what he said. This presents several problems. First, how, exactly, do you lace a banana with marijuana? My husband and I spent a good deal of time trying to figure that out. Second, why would you eat a banana that had already been peeled? Bananas are like condoms. When you see the wrapper, you pretty much assume that you’re the first one to get there. Third, do you have any idea how much THC it would take to actually send someone to the hospital? The banana would have to be pure THC. It would keep you regular, but you’d forget where the bathroom was.

It seems to me that the Republicans (of all sexual orientations) are getting a little nervous about the election. Maybe it’s because of these numbers:
Two thousand, eight hundred and twenty two US Soldiers won’t be voting in next week’s elections.
Twenty one thousand, four hundred and nineteen US soldiers have been wounded in Iraq
Possibly over
six hundred thousand Iraqis killed
Does it have more impact if I SPELL IT OUT for you???


Failing the Future

Most students these days are told that they should go to college, that education is the path to a better life, and that the experience alone is worth the application fee. Unfortunately, this has become a major problem for America’s universities, students, and financial organizations. Only a little over half of American students actually graduate, and while they are working hard on their degree they are forced to deal with students who don’t take their education seriously and faculty who have become jaded by the everyone-can-go-to-college generation.

While I agree that money should never be an obstacle to an education, I also believe that students who receive grant money or other “free” money should have to pay it back in full if they do not graduate. It is not fair for that money to be unavailable to serious students who are willing to work hard and go the extra mile because some guidance counselor convinced a kid with an IQ of 80 that he or she could make it through college. In order to to this, we must admit that students should have to reach a certain degree of academic excellence to be admitted into a university.

There is no shame in technical schools or entering the work force immediately out of high school if that is what is suited to your ability level. In the PC world we live in, no one wants to admit that not everyone is suited for a college education. Students who have not shown academic prowess and dedication in high school should be required to do so before entering a University. In Texas, and yes, I agree with something that’s happening in Texas, the top ten percent of the class (though it should probably be the top 15) in every school across the state receives automatic entrance into the state school of their choice. In Florida, the top 20 percent of the class is guaranteed admission. This is a great system. It ensures that only academically motivated students are assured entrance into college.

The others have to fight for it, and rightfully so. We have to bring the competitive edge back into our schools and take it off of our playing fields. For some reason, our students, especially the ones living in a state of poverty, have gotten the idea that a good throwing arm is better admission insurance than straight A’s. Increasing the standard for a higher education can only benefit the country as a whole. Let’s stop pretending that you need a college degree to be the Housewares Manager at Wal-Mart.


My Favorite Example

I use Christianity as my “go to” example for many things for several reasons:

1. I was raised as a Catholic and have intimate knowledge of the workings and beliefs of the Catholic Church.

2. I have friends and family members who believe in various sects of Christianity and I am able to discuss my thoughts with them for a more thorough understanding of scripture, traditions, rituals, organizations, church politics, etc…

3. I have studied the Bible and interpretations of it in classes and on my own.

4. A majority of the United States claims Christianity as their religion. In order to understand the Average American, you must understand what he or she believes.

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