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How do we convince people who do not derive power from it or lose out as a result of it that the White Male Privilege does exist and that it would be almost universally beneficial to eliminate it?


A Crisis of Faith, Part 1

Having been raised a Catholic in the Archdiocese of Philadelphia, I’ve been following the recent scandals quite a bit.  I can’t imagine the grief felt by the core group of victims. What a hardship it must be to see an ideal of perfection in a form that it so completely fallible, and in way that so violates a sacred bond of trust. I wonder, though, about the private emotional battles existing in the minds and hearts of many area Catholics who are questioning their faith in a system that may not have their best interests at heart.  If the image of the Church has been put above the welfare of its parishioners, how can it possibly see for the beam in its own eye?  Part of me stands in awe at the ability and ease with which the Church sought to cover up these allegations and in wonderment at the parishioners who knew what was happening to the victims and SAID NOTHING.  What do you say to someone to convince them that an act so deplorable should not be openly condemned?


The Vatican Forgives Lennon

But did Lennon want to be forgiven?  It’s easy to do what you want with someone’s reputation once they’re dead, but what if John Lennon didn’t want to be forgiven for saying that the Beatles were bigger than Jesus Christ.  It may have started as an off the cuff remark, but when Catholics and Christians condemned his and his music for the statement, burned albums, refusing to let their children by records, etc… it became something deeper.

In many ways, Lennon became more like Christ than most Christians, professing peace, harmony, and love at a time when Christians themselves were fighting against the idea of equality for all races based on… the Bible.  He brought people together in a time when churches were tearing them apart under the “believe this or you don’t belong” doctrine.  Lennon was closer to the second coming than most Christians will ever be, and to decry his music because of a statement is reprehensible at best.  I’m glad the Vatican is moving on.  I only hope Lennon can forgive THEM.


Are Republicans Good People?

Partisanship has been a huge topic of discussion for the past few years, mosly because when Party A wants to get something done and Party B disagrees, Party A claims that they only disagree because of partisanship.  They don’t stop to consider that what they want to do is financially irresponsible or morally wrong.  The just think the other party is being obstinate, which is pretty insulting, but I digress.  At some point during all of this Us vs. Them fighting, some of us started to realize that there ARE issues in which the parties are diametrically opposed, and agreeing to disagree just doesn’t fly when legislation is involved.

But we all have friends.  And having made many of our friends before we were so partisan or found ourselves surrounded by politics, we sometimes find that our friends are of the opposite party.  Family is one thing.  You HAVE to love them, unless being around them is physically or emotionally damaging. But friends are a gray area. You want to believe that they are good people, despite their political beliefs, but then you have to ask yourself: Can you be a good person if you think it’s okay to deny someone a basic civil right?  Can you be a good person if you don’t believe that everyone should have equal access to health care?  Can you be a good person if you really believe that we’re doing the right thing in Iraq?  Can you be a good person if you drive an SUV or a Hummer for fun?  Can you be a good person if you continually ignore the fact that schools filled with minority students are vastly underfunded?  Can you be a good person if you think automatic weapons are fine in the hands of criminals?

So the problem is this: They think they can be good people and believe all of those things, and I just don’t. If it divides our country, so be it.  If it pits brother against brother and tears families apart, so be it.  But no one, especially not in this country, should be forced to compromise on something they believe in with all of their heart simply to keep the peace.  And they shouldn’t have to pretend that it’s something it’s not.  It is NOT partisanship. It is the difference between RIGHT and WRONG.  The Republicans are just WRONG.


Jesus Christ Superstar

I don’t know if Andrew Lloyd Webber intended his musical to tell the story of Christ or to humanize him, but the first time I saw it, it reinforced my belief that Jesu bin Josef was a political figure and an incredible philosopher, but NOT the son of God.  My favorite line in the entire show is sung by Judas and states, “You’ve begun to matter more than the things you say.”  I can’t imagine that God’s intention was ever for us to worship Jesus as a god, but rather to listen to his words and implement them in our own lives.



I’ve noticed that the McCain campaign doesn’t really have anything to say about itself, its policies, or how it will differ from the Bush Presidency.  As a result, they seem to wait for Obama to come out with a plan for the environment (remember the tire gauges), the economy, or some other issue and attack his idea as well as his character.  I wish the American people weren’t stupid enough to be bullied into voting for McCain, but since he continues to attack rather than discuss, it seems that they will have little substance on which to base an opinion.

If I weren’t already diametrically opposed to the McCain Campaign, the Bush Presidency, and everything they stand for, the fact tha he and Sarah Palin have been attacking Obama’s experience as a community organizer and calling it virtually worthless would have turned me off completely.  It’s a slap in the face to those who try to improve their communities by gathering their neighbors together and doing things like forming neighborhood watches (a VERY Republican thing to do, by the way), PTA’s, clean-up crews, truancy action committees, after school programs, and forming a hundred other groups that people like Barack Obamahave organized and created.  The Republicans and all those who give credence their tactics and anything they have to say disgust me completely. I feel the rift in our country growing by the second.  I hope we survive.

Oh, and in case you’ve forgotten: 4,168 US soldiers dead and 30,634 US soldiers wounded in a mission that was accomplished 5 years ago.  589 US soldiers dead in Afghanistan


They’re Gonna Kill ‘Em

I was watching the Democratic National Convention(which isn’t quite Democratic, or national) on Monday night and they cut to a picture of where the Democratic Nominee will be speaking from on Thursday.  That’s when it dawned me.  They’re going to kill him.  It may not be on Thursday night, though a “plot” has already been disrupted, but I think there’s a reasonable chance that they’re going to kill him.  Don’t ask me who “they” is.  There are so many people who feel they have a reason to take his life that I’m sure the list is days long, but my guess it that we’ll never really know and the idea will have originated in the highest levels of the government.  I’m going to guess that the attempt will be blamed on a “lone nut” racist who works in the stadium (noticed that the stage lends itself to triangulated crossfire) and has recently talked to someone about how much they hate the man.  Blaming a national disaster on a terrorist has already been done.

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