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Tea “Party”

I think it’s a little unfair that the Tea Party gets to categorize themselves as a third party when all of their candidates are running as members of the Republican Party.  If they want to call themselves a party, the need to see if they can stand on their own and win on their own.  I don’t think they can, and I think they know it.  I wonder why the media has not called attantion to their differences from the GOP while mentioning that they are still running AS the GOP.



How do we convince people who do not derive power from it or lose out as a result of it that the White Male Privilege does exist and that it would be almost universally beneficial to eliminate it?



One of my students was shot and killed yesterday just standing on the corner with his friends.  He was dedicated to turning his life around after making some bad choices as a very young man. Violence is a real problem in America. I believe education is the solution, but I’m open to other suggestions.



People travel the world to study the artwork and music of great men and women because of what it teaches them about themselves and history.  They climb mountains and trudge through jungles to seek out the knowledge of one philosopher or another.  They will pay thousands of dollars to hear a lecture by a great  professor.   There are beautiful minds untapped worldwide, and though they may be sparked by the law, by the microscope, or by the Word, they become flames by the work of the teacher.  If society chooses to build stadiums instead of schools and cases instead of classrooms, it has already passed judgement on the importance of what I choose to do.

Without knowledge of law there is chaos.  Without knowledge of medicine disease reigns.  Some teachers sacrifice time and money and energy to teach people to read, but others sacrifice EVERYTHING to teach people to live.  Education has built nations and lack of it has destroyed them.  Knowledge is so revered that many civilizations believed that only the gods possesed it, yet society places so little value on those who seek to distribute it.  If every last being on Earth were destroyed save two, they could recreate the world using our books.  I am human, I am fallible, and all I have ever wanted to do from the depth of my soul is to be good enough to inspire someone else to be great.  I would do it for free and unappreciated every day for the rest of my life.  I believe in education like you believe in God.  Judge me as you please.


American Intelligence

I am currently involved in a discussion with a neighbor of mine which I find particularly disturbing.  In her words, she’d like to see the entire Middle East made into a sandbox.  Let’s just ignore the fact that most of the Middle East IS a sandbox and move on to the more important point.  She can’t tell me why.  Seriously.  She can only say that we should bomb the entire Middle East, but she cannot come up with a reason why we should work towards eliminating an entire race of people.  Does that not sound a little bit like young members of the SS who “knew” the Jews should be eliminated, but could not give reasons for their beliefs?

When questioned, she refuses to discuss it, saying that she’s entitled to her own opinion.  While this is true, when did Americans stop basing their opinions on actual information?  When did they completely abandon reason for the rantings of some lunatic on Fox News?  More importantly, why are those of us who are actually doing research, educating ourselves, and forming opinions based on reality being so incredibly politically correct and entertaining the complete idiocy of these people?  I don’t know why I believed that when President Bush left office somehow these Backwoods Republicans would magically grow a brain.  I’m embarrassed at my own idealism.


National Novel Writing Month

I wrote my first novel in 9th grade.  I did it mostly during my creative writing class and my teacher said that few people my age had takled such a thing.  I later found that there were reasons for that.  Writing a novel is was not as easy as I thought it would be.  I’d probably be embarrassed to read it now.  I was highly influenced by S.E. Hinton and several other authors that I can’t remember now because I didn’t have enough life experience to have many original ideas.

Now I’m thinking about doing it again and I keep making up excuses.  It won’t be good enough.  Someone has already thought of that idea.  I don’t have enough time to invest in writing what I really want.  But I need a break from politics and an outlet to keep my mind off of work.  It’s National Novel Writing Month, and I get to go to a Writer’s Conference next weekend for work.  This might not be a bad time to give it another shot and see if I can come up with my own style.


Stop Waiting

One of the most frustrating things that people say about the economy, politics, environment, etc… is, “God will proviode.”  We have intelligence.  We can learn things.  We can support politicians who support education so that we can learn more things.  Knowledge is not a punishment.  We weren’t punished for wanting knowledge, we were punished for disobeying god.  And that’s an allegory anyway. 

God will not fix your roof.  God will not fix the hole in the Ozone layer.  God will not fix the economy.  God will not pay your health care bills.  All of that is up to us.  The closest we get to god is electing the right politicians so that all of that gets done with us having to know as little about it as possible and when all goes well we can say, “See, God has provided.”  It may not all be chance, but it is NOT God. 

If you want something, if you need something, DO DOMETHING ABOUT IT.  Don’t just sit there and pray, then complain about the state of the world.  Find the cause of the problem and figure out a solution.  If you can’t figure it out, don’t say, “It must have been God’s will.”  Find someone smarter than you and ask for help.  Is no help is available , accept that it’s just that way through no fault of your own or anyone else’s.  The devil is not involved.  Let it go.  Stoip waiting.  Provide for yourself.

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