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How do we convince people who do not derive power from it or lose out as a result of it that the White Male Privilege does exist and that it would be almost universally beneficial to eliminate it?


Change the Label, Change the Law

I have decided that I will no longer refer to the man I married as my husband.  From now on, he will be referred to as my life partner.  I have made this decision in support of my gay and lesbian friends who cannot legally call their partners their husbands or wives, yet those people deserve no lesser title.

We are so hung up on titles and labels and the definitions of one thing or another.  We want to be able to categorize each other into neat little boxes.  We forget that people are complicated.  Life is complicated.  Let’s just decide to make this one thing less complicated.  What is a husband or a wife but a partner in all things?  If we have made a committment to someone and invited them in to every part of our lives, does their gender truly matter? 

Maybe if we change the label we can change the law.  If we allow the words “life partner” to mean the same thing as “husband” or “wife”, we take the power away from the words, lessening their meaning, and enabling people to feel less defensive toward them.


Lapsed Catholics

The Pope is requesting that those of us who have walked away from the Catholic Church simply listen to him while he is in the States and take a moment to consider what he’s saying.  Now, I have to admit, I have little interest in this Pope.  Pope John Paul was so many things to so many Catholics around the world that I really wonder if it’s possible for Benedict to measure up.  Even as a lapsed Catholic myself, I just don’t see myself returning to a church that preaches hate (anti-homosexual rhetoric), sexism (not allowing women to become preists), and overpopulation and the spread of disease (not allowing the use of condomns or birth control).  The education provided at Catholic Schools is excellent, partially due to the strict nature of the religion and it’s followers, but intolerance breeds intolerance.  None of my lapsed Catholic friends see anything in this Pope that calls them to return to worship.  The world has changed.  Religion has changed.  The Catholic church has remained largely the same for quite some time.


Iowa Sees the Light (*almost)

Seeing a story like this gives me the same glimmer of hope I get from seeing blog posts that are not all that different from my opinion.  It reminds me that there are people out there with enough sense to do the right thing (except for the gays who are having clandestine sex in bathroom stalls).  It reminds me that the theocracy hasn’t quite taken over yet, and gives me hope that they won’t especially when gay-marriage is sanctioned in a mid-western state.  Yes, that’s right ladies and gentleman, Iowa courts have determined that gays are people, too, and they deserve the right to have a committed relationship.  I would much rather the rest of the country, especially our over-extended military, finally get their heads out of their butts and recognize that homosexuals deserve the same rights and privilages as the rest of us, but I’m not holding my breath.  I will leave you with this thought, though: If your son or daughter were gay, wouldn’t you want your child to be able to be treated like every one else and have every legal protection afforded you? 

*Update – Judge Hanson, the judge who made the ruling, has already issued a legal stay meaning no licenses can be issued until the Iowa Supreme Court rules. The latest survey shows 61% of Iowans are against gay marriage so Laura, even “middle America” is against it. Judge Hanson is is in the minority. (Thanks, Ed)  My bubble is burst, my hope is dashed.  I hate middle America.

3,733 US soldiers killed in Iraq.  27,662 US soldiers wounded in Iraq.  Now including one more soldier I know and love.


Semper Fi

Since one of the only benefits to being gay is not having to go to war, Jeff Key’s friends were stunned when he announced that he had joined the Marine Corps. But he was raised in a town where love of country came directly after love of God (since loyalty to country is demanded in the Bible), and he knew in his heart that his homosexuality had negated neither. Unfortunately, not everyone was of the same opinion. Jeff’s father and preacher truly believed that God no longer loved him. They prayed to their all-merciful God, not that HE would accept Jeff, but that Jeff would change and learn to love women, the same prayer that Jeff himself had sent up tot the Lord so many times.

But God wouldn’t change poor Jeff. Maybe God didn’t feel that Jeff was worth changing. Or maybe HE felt that Jeff didn’t need to be changed, for Jeff had a higher purpose – to bring the hypocrisy of the church and the United States Armed Forces to the forefront and change things. Maybe God didn’t believe that Jeff should have to worry about his rack mates finding out about his sexual preference and bashing his head in during the night.

Maybe God wants us to know that you don’t have to be Republican to love your country and you don’t have to be Baptist to love God. Maybe, just maybe, God Blesses Everyone. No Exceptions. And the people who believe THAT will be the ones who inherit the Kingdom of Heaven.

Bullets and shrapnel don’t care if these people are gay:
3,587 US Soldiers have died in Iraq
26,350 US Soldiers have been wounded in Iraq


Homosexuality in America

There’s been a fury of research about the gays lately. I think it’s probably an attempt to neutralize the issue so that it’s not a large part of the upcoming election. One researcher thinks that a person’s homosexuality can be perceived by the way they walk. If that’s true, I’ll be watching the Republican National Convention VERY carefully. More Americans are beginning to believe that if a person IS gay, he or she was born that way. I think that would stand to reason as I can’t imagine people would choose to be ostracized by a majority of their society, such as the military and the Christians. Maybe this is our biological answer to overpopulation and the homosexual community should be celebrated as humanity’s saviors.


Disney – Gays Are OK

Though Disney has never actively discriminated against homosexual visitors, they have made their policy even more inclusive by changing the requirement so thatn those participating in their Fairy Tale Wedding program do not have to have a legal marriage licence. Of course, this probably has more to do with revenue than common decency, but for a major US company to publicly admit that there is a large enough population of homosexuals for them to make a profit from could be the beginning of some actual social change. Most of this country revolves around money, after all, and once it becomes okay to exploit the gay population, it also becomes okay to BE homosexual. The military HAS actively discriminated and continues to do so.

3,268 US soldiers have died in Iraq
24,476 US soldiers have been wounded in Iraq

12,000 more National Guard soldiers (if they’re in Iraq, who will guard the nation?) are being sent to Iraq in addition to the 21,000 “Troop Surge” that President Bush said would stabilize Iraq. Tell me again how this ISN’T just like Vietnam.

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