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No More SUV’s

I have several problems with SUV’s, one of them being fuel efficiency. The fact that any car on the road would only get 17 miles to a gallon is absolutely reprehensible, especially given the price of gas and the amount of foreign oil we rely on. But that’s not my biggest problem.

I drive a small car. Quite often, especially on the highway, an SUV or a truck will pull up behind me and drive incredibly close to my bumper. I was taught that if you can’t see the bottom of the rear tires of the person in front of you, you’re too close. It seems that SUV and truck drives have been taught that if you can see the bumper of the car in front of you, you’re not close enough. I have been rear-ended twice by an SUV in the past 5 months. Thankfully, my car and I are fine, but most people hit by SUV’s and trucks aren’t as lucky. If an SUV or truck hits a regular car, the accident is much more severe for the driver of the regular sized car.

For this reason, I am suggesting that there be a special lane just for trucks and SUV’s. It’s just not safe for them to drive with the rest of us. It’s difficult to be a defensive driver when all you can see is the big, fat SUV in front of you. Though I think it’s environmentally irresponsible, I don’t deny people the right to drive the car they choose, I just don’t want them in the same lane with me. It’s just not safe.


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