Failing the Future

Most students these days are told that they should go to college, that education is the path to a better life, and that the experience alone is worth the application fee. Unfortunately, this has become a major problem for America’s universities, students, and financial organizations. Only a little over half of American students actually graduate, and while they are working hard on their degree they are forced to deal with students who don’t take their education seriously and faculty who have become jaded by the everyone-can-go-to-college generation.

While I agree that money should never be an obstacle to an education, I also believe that students who receive grant money or other “free” money should have to pay it back in full if they do not graduate. It is not fair for that money to be unavailable to serious students who are willing to work hard and go the extra mile because some guidance counselor convinced a kid with an IQ of 80 that he or she could make it through college. In order to to this, we must admit that students should have to reach a certain degree of academic excellence to be admitted into a university.

There is no shame in technical schools or entering the work force immediately out of high school if that is what is suited to your ability level. In the PC world we live in, no one wants to admit that not everyone is suited for a college education. Students who have not shown academic prowess and dedication in high school should be required to do so before entering a University. In Texas, and yes, I agree with something that’s happening in Texas, the top ten percent of the class (though it should probably be the top 15) in every school across the state receives automatic entrance into the state school of their choice. In Florida, the top 20 percent of the class is guaranteed admission. This is a great system. It ensures that only academically motivated students are assured entrance into college.

The others have to fight for it, and rightfully so. We have to bring the competitive edge back into our schools and take it off of our playing fields. For some reason, our students, especially the ones living in a state of poverty, have gotten the idea that a good throwing arm is better admission insurance than straight A’s. Increasing the standard for a higher education can only benefit the country as a whole. Let’s stop pretending that you need a college degree to be the Housewares Manager at Wal-Mart.


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