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How do we convince people who do not derive power from it or lose out as a result of it that the White Male Privilege does exist and that it would be almost universally beneficial to eliminate it?


Immigration and Something REALLY Disturbing

A deal has been reached on the immigration issue, and it seems to include some of the components other countries are using. Mexican immigrants are not happy with the plan, but I’m not sure they would accept anything other than amnesty and immunity. I completely agree with the point system for immigrants. I know that the tired, the hungry, and the poor need a good place to live, but right now we have to look after ourselves or we won’t be able to help anyone. I think that every illegal immigrant in the country should have to pay a $5,000 fine for each member of the household. Those who cannot must leave within 90 days. Those who can pay the fine must do so and apply for citizenship through the new point system. Those who have enough points may stay. Those who do not must leave within 90 days of their application being denied.

UPDATE: I did not see anything in the article referring to the people who hire and house illegal immigrants. I should mention that I 100% support a $5,000 fine for each illegal employee a company hires, as well as fining landlords $5,000 for each illegal immigrant living under their roof.

The Army has ordered soldiers to stop posting to blogs or sending personal emails without clearing them with an officer. There are three missing soldiers in Iraq, but we know where these ones are. When are we going to find out why they died?
3,401 US Soldiers killed in Iraq
25,378 US Soldiers wounded in Iraq


You Go, Lou Dobbs!

Recently Lou Dobbs attacked President Bush and his cabal on their immigration policy. The spark may have been the idea that placing National Guard troops at the boarders would do ANYTHING to really stem the flow of the nearly 3 million illegal immigrants that cross them each year if our policies continue to favor them. I think it’s quite clear that the best way to stop them from coming is to HEAVILY fine, and possibly close down businesses that hire them. In 2004, only 3 employers who hired illegal immigrants were fined. I could find three businesses employing illegal immigrants just by walking down the street. And when the illegal immigrants are found, they MUST be deported. Being sent back to your own country makes it harder for you to get back in, especially if we ACTUALLY fund and increase the Boarder Patrol, and deters you from uprooting your family once again.

I am torn by the plight of the illegal immigrant, even though all of the immigrants I know are 100% legal. It was very difficult and very expensive for any of them to obtain Visas. In some cases, it took as long as 10 years and as much as $12,000. In many countries, the application fee alone is phenomenally high for the income of the middle class worker, and once they do get here and get jobs, the majority of their income goes towards lawyer fees, more application fees, etc., making it extremely difficult for them to rise out of poverty. The system is against them, like it is against all of them, but they should not be protesting that they should be given amnesty. If they want to be taken seriously, the need to protest against the policies and the fees that make it SO DIFFICULT for them to become legitimate, legal citizens. As illegals, they technically don’t have the right to protest anyway, so if they’re going to do it, they should make sure it’s for something that won’t alienate the very country they’re trying to become citizens of.


They’re Called Illegal Because THEY ARE

On Bill Maher last month, Jorge Ramos of Univision objected to illegal immigrants being called illegal. There are a lot of problems with the immigration issue, many of them governmental, but a few have to do with the way Americans look at the problem. There is no way to get around the fact that if you are in the country illegally, you are breaking the law and should be held accountable for doing so. People employing illegal immigrants should be prosecuted as well. Schools should be reporting students that they know to be illegal. Hospitals should immediately report patients that they know to be illegal. I also think that if illegals aren’t paying property taxes or income taxes, they should not receive the same services as people who do. If their house catches on fire or a robber invades, they don’t really have the right to call the fire department or police because they haven’t paid for those services. Much of the problem, like many we have, has to do with the complacency of the American people.

Also on Bill Maher and related to immigration, author Erica Jong stated that American workers won’t do the jobs that illegals will do. She specifically stated that you cannot get an American woman to be a nanny (I guess the years I spent as one don’t count, and neither do my friends who have made it their career). Senator Dana Rohrbacher was right when he said that Americans will do the jobs, they just have to be paid a decent wage. The problem isn’t the illegal immigrants, it’s the cheap, greedy Americans who refuse to pay people a wage they can live on. Besides all of that, if the welfare system were eliminated for able-bodied citizens, people WOULD do the jobs illegals are doing or starve. This isn’t like the depression. The jobs are out there.

Finally, if the process of becoming a legal immigrant were easier, many more people would do it. For someone in a country like Colombia to have to pay a $100 (American) registration fee just to get denied is nearly impossible. That’s almost a year’s salary, for some several years. I’m not saying there shouldn’t be a fee, but it should be adjusted to fit a professional salary in the country of the applicant. To have the same fee across the board is extremely unfair, and obviously, contributes to the illegal immigration problem.


Seal the Boarders, Declare Amnesty

Lately Georgie has been talking about a “guest worker” program for the illegal immigrants already in the US. This solution does not suggest how we keep people from continuously streaming over the boarders. I personally think that anyone found in the country illegal should be immediately deported, but with sealing the boarders and putting adequate security on patrol, this won’t do much to solve the problem. I don’t think anyone should be rewarded for getting here and staying here illegally, but I think amnesty needs to be granted for those here already. The cost of deporting all the illegal immigrants is just too high, and removing them from the workforce could be devastating to the economy, though I blame Americans who won’t take jobs they think are “beneath them” for that. Since they’re here and they are receiving health care, education, and other government services, it’s time we had everyone registered so that we at least have an accurate view of the problem. This means that I am for National ID cards, as long as they are used within limits.


Back from Oz

As an extension of my immigration post, the questions arose as to whether it is sometimes better for people to stay in countries with emerging economies, especially if they are educated. If they can wait out the current situation, they stand to make a decent amount of money when it’s over and have the honor of helping to build their country’s economy. My husband’s family is from Colombia. Every Colombian I know who is in the U.S. is only waiting for the war to end and the government to stabilize so that they can go home and help rebuild their country. Even my husband and I plan on having a hand in rebuilding, and my husband was born (legally) in the United States. I wonder what makes people from some countries come here and never want to leave while those from others are only trying to take advantage of the economic opportunities America provides for a short period of time. Why do people who flee their country for safety reasons or economic reasons not go back home when the problems have been resolved? I know America is a wonderful place, but what happened to, “There’s no place like home? ©


Illegal? No problem?

Immigration policy has been in the background of the news lately with the driver’s license laws in California and the out-of-control Citizen’s Boarder Patrol. The rights of illegal immigrants have come into question several times . I don’t believe illegal immigrants should be able to collect the benefits of citizenship or legal immigrant status, including a free and public education. I also don’t believe that the children of illegal immigrants should be able to participate in government programs even if they were born in the United States. The only real consequence for being illegally in the U.S. is to be deported, unless, of course, the person is of middle eastern origin (that is a different matter entirely). Only emergency medical care should be provided to those in the country illegally. For everything else, they’re on their own. There is no reason why some people should be able to chose to bypass the legal immigration system and reap any kind of benefits. How do you feel about illegal immigrants receiving government services?

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