Yes WE Can!

And we should.  The Democrats winning this election had little to do with McCain or Obama.  It was about the American people needing a leader who could inspire them again.  They were tired of being told there was nothing they could do.  The were tired of being asked to let the government do what government does. They wanted change and they went out and made it happen.

We elected a community organizer as our President, and I can only hope that he will continue to inspire all of us to help organize our own communities.  I really hope that, like Kennedy, he’s able to inspire the young people to get invloved, not just in politics, but in taking control of their own lives and working with local and state organzations to change their little peice of the world.

Barak Obama’s Victory Speech


2 Responses to “Yes WE Can!”

  1. 1 unitedwelay1
    November 9, 2008 at 9:05 am

    This is comething I posted in reponse to Daniel’s post about the election: So say we all. I bawled like a litle girl. I have felt nothing but repression and fear for the past 8 years. I couldnt help thinking about the frineds I have lost to this awful war, both in death and ideology. In 2000, I was military minded, ready to defent my country with life and limb. Bush’s Presidency turned me into a cynic, disappointed in her fellow countrymen and disgusted with her government. I have felt hopeless, helpless, and unwanted.

    But Obama isn’t the answer. He’s just the beginning. His point all along is that WE, the PEOPLE make his country what it is, and if we ignore what the government does and let laws pass us by without notice, we give them the opportunity to do whatever they choose. But if we are INVOLVED, if we are ACTIVE participants in our government, doing more than just voting, WE CAN change the way things turn out.

    I cried, though, because his election gives me hope that stem cell research will continue and possibly save my sister’s life. It gives me hope that I will retain my right to choose for another 4 years. It gives me hope that my school will continue to be funded and can keep my job. Most iportantly, it gives me hope that my students will believe me when I say that they can be anything, do anyting, say anything. What this election does for their community is unimaginiable

  2. November 30, 2008 at 12:05 am

    Democrats won because the economy is in shambles, and people see McCain as Bush-lite. It’s especially bad that McCain wanted to appoint Carla Fiorina to a cabinet position. So we got McCain talking on and on about how great the American worker is, and he wants to outsource all our jobs. Well, screw you McCain.

    I don’t like Obama either, so I voted 3rd party.

    Anyways, that’s why McCain won. People associate him with Bush and are tired of their money going down the drain.

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