Obama Choses Biden

I think Mr. Biden is an excellent choice for Vice President.  I liked him a lot when he was runing for President, and I feel that they various ways in which the media tried to discount and discredit him shows a lack of integrity and respect in a field that has been overvalued for too long.  In addition, it’s obvious that the media is going to pull out everything negative that Biden’s ever said about Obama (but they will conveniently overlook that in the Republican nominee), but fortunately Joe’s addition to the ticket makes up for anything that Barack could lack.  I still have little hope for this election season, mostly because the media lacks objectivity.  I think they’ll publically crucify both of the Democratic Candidates at every opportunity.


1 Response to “Obama Choses Biden”

  1. August 24, 2008 at 3:38 pm

    I think Biden was an excellent choice for Obama and I think his shot at getting into the Whitehouse are better because of it. However, I’m not sure he will win unless McCain continues to campaign like a Bush clone. Then all bets are off. Now I’m just waiting to see who McCain’s VP is going to be. I’m rooting for Lieberman.

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