In His Own Words…

By Donald Hudson Jr., 1st Brigade Special Troops Battalion, 1st Brigade Combat Team, 82nd Airborne Division.

BAGHDAD, May 12 — My name is Donald Hudson Jr. I have been serving our country’s military actively for the last three years. I am currently deployed to Baghdad on Forward Operating Base Loyalty, where I have been for the last four and a half months.
I came here as part of the first wave of this so called “troop surge”, but so far it has effectively done nothing to quell insurgent violence. I have seen the rise in violence between the Sunni and Shiite. This country is in the middle of a civil war that has been on going since the seventh century.

Why are we here when this country still to date does not want us here? Why does our president’s personal agenda consume him so much, that he can not pay attention to what is really going on here?

Let me tell you a story. On May 10, I was out on a convoy mission to move barriers from a market to a joint security station. It was no different from any other night, except the improvised explosive device that hit our convoy this time, actually pierced through the armor of one of our trucks. The truck was immediately engulfed in flames, the driver lost control and wrecked the truck into one of the buildings lining the street. I was the driver of the lead truck in our convoy; the fifth out of six was the one that got hit. All I could hear over the radio was a friend from the sixth truck screaming that the fifth truck was burning up real bad, and that they needed fire extinguishers real bad. So I turned my truck around and drove through concrete barriers to get to the burning truck as quickly as I could. I stopped 30 meters short of the burning truck, got out and ripped my fire extinguisher out of its holder, and ran to the truck. I ran past another friend of mine on the way to the burning truck, he was screaming something but I could not make it out. I opened the driver’s door to the truck and was immediately overcome by the flames. I sprayed the extinguisher into the door, and then I saw my roommate’s leg. He was the gunner of that truck. His leg was across the driver’s seat that was on fire and the rest of his body was further in the truck. My fire extinguisher died and I climbed into the truck to attempt to save him. I got to where his head was, in the back passenger-side seat. I grabbed his shoulders and attempted to pull him from the truck out the driver’s door. I finally got him out of the truck head first. His face had been badly burned. His leg was horribly wounded. We placed him on a spine board and did our best to attempt “Buddy Aid”. We heard him trying to gasp for air. He had a pulse and was breathing, but was not responsive. He was placed into a truck and rushed to the “Green Zone”, where he died within the hour. His name was Michael K. Frank. He was 36 years old. He was a great friend of mine and a mentor to most of us younger soldiers here.

Now I am still here in this country wondering why, and having to pick up the pieces of what is left of my friend in our room. I would just like to know what is the true reason we are here? This country poses no threat to our own. So why must we waste the lives of good men on a country that does not give a damn about itself? Most of my friends here share my views, but do not have the courage to say anything.

Donald C. Hudson Jr. is a private assigned to the 1st Brigade Special Troops Battalion, 1st Brigade Combat Team, 82nd Airborne Division. E-mail: donaldchudsonjr@yahoo.com.


1 Response to “In His Own Words…”

  1. 1 United We Lay
    June 5, 2007 at 12:57 pm

    Laura said…
    you know, I had a comment, but it turned out to be more of a post-length diatribe, so I am going to post it by me instead, with reference here.

    It certainly is a sad day.

    8:34 AM
    United We Lay said…
    You are more than welcome to post it here as well.

    8:42 AM
    TomCat said…
    Cindy’s retirement is a bleak happening for all who love peace. What is sadder is all the infighting I see between progressives. If we keep it up, we may have a Republican President in 2009. 😦

    2:16 PM
    The Zombieslayer said…
    Nothing is pointless. It’s a shame when people turn cynical.

    2:51 PM
    Psychomikeo said…
    tomcat; Ron Paul is a republican.

    I think to be betrayed by the Dems has taken it’s toll on everyone that voted them into office hoping they would stand up for We The People only to see them give The King & his Dick a blank check for their illegal war.

    6:49 PM
    United We Lay said…
    I can’t really say it any better than that.

    12:02 AM
    United We Lay said…
    Being surrounded by all the Memorial Day propaganda the past few days has been very difficult for me. Having lost frienda and family to this war makes it extremely difficult to watch as the living soldiers, who really believe they’re doing something worthwhile, being paraded in front of us like prized cattle preparing for slaughter. What we are doing, particularly to those men and women, is absolutely disgraceful. Those who chose to lay their lives on the line for the rest of us deserve better than the hypocracy and lies they have been fed.

    The lip service of the past weekend has only served to make me more tense at a time when I need relaxation. It’s 1:25AM and here I am, unable to sleep because my baby cousin has been moved to the front and… well… you know the rest.

    12:27 AM
    Laura said…
    United: I am also sickened by the way troops are used as political propaganda as if to say “if you’re against the war, you’re against the troops.” To me, it’s a lot like the “Save the children” ads, except rather than trying to guilt you into action they’re guilting us into silence.

    Zombie: There are more and more cynics bred every day, especially when psychomikeo points out that, yes, many of us are feeling pretty betrayed right now. I never had high hopes for this congress – they have only a small margin of votes and a small number of GOPers who don’t simply tow the line. It’s an uphill battle. They did try, once. But it has to be like beating their heads against a brick wall. Especially with the elections coming up – who wants to be on record as “voting against funding our troops” – because that’s how it’s spun.

    We’re cynical because our voices have ceased to matter to anyone that might make a difference.

    7:04 AM
    United We Lay said…
    The problem is that we’re putting our faith in the government. We have forgotten about the whole “for the people, BY the people” part. Politicians are all about re-election, and if Americans were actually adamant about what they believed and showed it publically, their politicians might not be so quick to go against them. public opinion is a powerful tool, but to use it, we need ACTUAL news coverage.

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