In the long line of things my mother taught me, this is one of the most important. Mom taught me the importance of giving thanks for what you have, and working for or accepting what you don’t. She also taught me that the courage to make a difference is all you, and that’s not something you can get through prayer. You either have it, or you don’t.

My mom never taught me to ask for things in prayer. She never said, “Pray for an “‘A’ on that test.” Instead, she taught me to study hard and pray to calm my nerves down before I took the test. That may not seem very different, but it is. The simple act of focusing your mind completely on something else even for a moment calms the body and mind enough to be able to perform well on whatever task comes next. Some people call it meditation. It’s like taking a deep breath. My mom never told me to thank god for an ‘A’ on the test. Instead, she taught me to be thankful that I had a brain in my head and knew how to use it. And she taught me to study.

By teaching me about prayer in the way she did, my mom taught me to focus on something bigger than myself. The beauty of the mountains remains the same, no matter who you express it to. The simple action of being thankful is enough to make you want to preserve that beauty and encourage you to treat it with the proper respect. What you do with your intelligence is infinitely more important than who you thank for it. The unknown is always scary, but less so if you take a moment to remember that the world will not end if you fail, no matter what reminds you. You will not find courage at the end of a prayer. That has to come from within.


1 Response to “Pray”

  1. 1 United We Lay
    May 15, 2007 at 1:43 pm

    Cranky Yankee said…
    Meditation is good. Asking a magic man in the sky to give you things is bad.

    Nice post, your Mom gave you some sage advice. I remember my father telling me, in reference to Confession, “God might forgive you, but that s$%t doesn’t matter down here.” I still get a chuckle out of it today.

    3:54 PM
    TomCat said…
    That’s genuine wisdom United. My mist common prayer comes from my three piles theory. Divide life’s BS into there piles. In the first go the issues that I can work on right now. I do. In the second pile go the issues that I can work on, but not until later. I make a conscious decision to put that pile in the back burner until the time comes that I can work on it. In the third pile go those issues that are and will always be completely out of my control. That’s God’s pile.

    5:08 PM
    Bryan said…
    Some good words of wisdom there.

    12:48 AM
    United We Lay said…
    Thanks guys,
    The three piles theory is good, but the third pile for me is acceptance.

    9:05 AM
    TomCat said…
    United, that third pile works just as well. The key thing is that we get it out from under our noses where we have to keep breathing the stink.

    1:43 PM
    United We Lay said…

    1:55 PM
    undergroundlogician said…

    I’m waiting for the day when you can accurately represent a religious view that actually exists. The only ones who might hold to the “magic man” opinion are either living in Bedlam or are former mental cases living under a bridge somewhere. I’m sure they might take issue with you. But I ask you, are they your target for your comments?

    Even though you exercise such “bravado” in insulting religionists with your statements, what you end up doing is alienating yourself from any true religious discussion. I guess that’s the trade-off. People laugh at what you say, but they won’t take you seriously.

    Just some helpful advice from me who as well, am opposed to the “magic man” theory. ‘Nuff said.

    2:26 PM
    Vigilante said…
    United, I’m likin’ your site more and more. I’m always takin’ stuff away with me after my visits….!

    1:15 PM
    United We Lay said…
    Thanks. I’m trying to keep up with the information, but it’s getting more and more difficult.

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