Let It Come.

Our world is changing rapidly. We are mired in war (Iraq, Darfur, and places we don’t hear about on the news) and closer to anhiliation as a species than we have ever been before (at least for those of us who believe in global warming). No matter what we do today the future is uncertain in many ways. In all of them the outlook is grim. We have become so comfortable and complacent in our lives. When that comfort is gone due to war, due to global warming, due to the breakdown of our corrupt political system, we will hardly know how to survive. The things that we hold most dear (technology, entertainment, religion) will fall away and those of us who are looking will see what is ultimately important – do no harm personally, environmentally, or politically. What’s coming may seem oppressive and terrifying, but it will also be liberating in a ways we never imagined possible. Standing together in the spirit of courage and love will be what delivers us from any darkness we are about to enter.


1 Response to “Let It Come.”

  1. 1 United We Lay
    May 2, 2007 at 12:55 pm

    TomCat said…
    Well said!

    11:24 AM
    Balloon Pirate said…
    absolutely true. i wonder how bad it will have to get before the great uninterested majority wakes up and says ‘shit! we gotta do something different here!’

    hopefully it will be before it’s too late, but i’m not betting that way.


    10:29 PM
    js said…
    im sure im reading this wrong but i agree with some things here. The government is much to big. they should stay the hell out of my life and my pocket. The corruption in all the g’ment agencys is crazy. They abuse the common people like me just trying to do my thing and raise my family. One day everyone will see that and rise up against the undue taxation and crazy assed restrictions they put on us.

    11:04 PM
    Graeme said…
    A great analysis!

    11:17 PM
    United We Lay said…

    I think it’ll get bad enough that the communication systems we are currently using will be useless. I know cities have disaster plans, etc… but bloggers should set up a non-online communication system with each other in the event of a communication failure from a major city so that we can still find out what’s really going on.

    We aren’t actually taxed nearly enough, our money is just used improperly. There are a lot of freedoms that have been taken away. When people are dying in war and we’re facing environmental disaster, what people say on the radio is really not all that important. I think it’s possile that in the event of a major disaster the government will declare martial law and we’ll all be in serious trouble. This is one of the reasons so many people believe so strongly in the 4th ammendment. Though I don’t condone guns, I’m beginning to think that it might not be a bad idea to have one for protection. We live a mile away from a prison. In the event of some kind of electrical disaster, we sure as hell better have our doors and windows locked.

    Sometimes a comment is too good to leave on just one blog. Hope you don’t mind that I stole your idea!

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