Let’s Just Say There is a God…

First, let me point out that it’s much easier for an atheist to admit the possibility that there might be a God than it is for a religious person to admit that there might not be – but that is not the point of this post. So, let’s just say that there is a god. Is everyone who believes in god acting the way god would want them to? Is the belief in god more important than the belief that one should live a moral life? Given the religious people (of ALL faiths) that I have come in contact with, I would assume that it is more important to them that a person BELIEVE in god than it is that a person BEHAVE as if their were.

When evangelicals (this time I’m referring to ONLY Christians due to lack of experience with people of other faiths proselytizing) speak to someone, their mission seems to be less about spreading the word of Christ than it is about spreading the BELIEF in Christ. I think their message would have a lot more weight if they led by example first. Just because you believe your sins will be forgiven doesn’t mean you should go around committing them willy-nilly. I highly doubt that Christ ever said, “It’s better to ask forgiveness than permission.”If your life is about doing your best not to harm anyone or anything without absolute necessity and your daily focus is to improve yourself and the lives of others, why do you have to believe in god? You can be as grateful as you choose for the blessings that you have. If you don’t treat them with respect, are you really honoring where they came from, no matter where you believe that may be?


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