No One Knows

I was RAISED in the Catholic Church. Many members of my family are devout Catholics, and a few are Born-Again Christians. By suggesting that churches be taxed, I am not denying their right to exist. I still contend that their existence is silly and pointless, but that is my opinion and many do not share it.

Do I think that churches and religious organizations have done good things? Yes, but I also think the same good things can be done through private organizations and a little bit of counseling. You don’t need God. You need psychology. And an open-mind. But, as has been said and quoted, religion is a crutch for weak-minded people. Notice I didn’t say STUPID, I said weak-minded. Religion is making up for something you can’t wrap your mind around for philosophical, medical, or psychological reasons. Still, it is not a necessary evil. If we would encourage people to see a therapist rather than to pray, the world might have a lot more well-adjusted people who rely on their own devices rather than the mistaken belief that an invisible man controls the universe.

No one knows what happens after death. Why? NO ONE HAS EVER COME BACK FROM THE DEAD. Go ahead and pretend that Jesus did if you want, but don’t push that belief on me. As far as I’m concerned, everyone who has ever died has STAYED DEAD. Speculate all you want, but no one knows, and no one will ever know. And why are you wasting time on this when there are millions of real problems here on earth that could be solved if you spent even a fraction of the time on them that you spend wondering or pretending to know what happens when your life ends. Your life ends. Period. Get over it. Oh, and donate your organs so that someone else could survive. My sister could use a heart.

Do I think the world would be a better place if all churches and all religion disappeared tomorrow? Yes, but again, this is my opinion and I’m not the one making all the decisions. ALL religion is bad for a variety of reasons. They encourage group-think. They teach people to believe in lies. They impose a set of morals on people rather than letting them chose for themselves what they believe is right and wrong. There is no such thing as a non-profit church. I could go on and on. Religion is under attack, and rightly so. It is time people stop accepting what they’re told in all areas (government, religion, schooling) and start thinking for themselves. Let’s try some thought for a change. But down the Bible (or Quran, or Torah, or etc..) and pick up some psychology, philosophy, and history texts. Read some fiction while you’re at it. And for Christ’s sake (pun intended), get your ass off the pew and engage in some political action. Actually change the world for the better instead of pretending that there will be a better life after you die.


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