Oh, Brother!

I had lunch with my brother today and was surprised to find that he is embarrassingly underversed in politics. Granted, America is not his native country (very long story), but he does live here now, and has for the last 8 years. He loves popular culture, but when I tried to explain that he was missing a lot of innuendo in his favorite movies, books, and comic books, he just stated that politics is over his head.

This disappoints me. He is an intelligent man. He is more than capable of grasping the concepts presented often in politics. He has opinions on things like abortion and the war but can’t talk much about them. I was shocked to find that he didn’t know Roberts had been confirmed or that Alito had been nominated. He did, however, know all about the current breakdown in relations between Venezuela and the U.S.

It is beyond me why anyone living in our modern age where information is so accessible would choose to keep themselves in the dark about such things. People remove themselves from politics for several reasons: they have given up hope, they’re afraid people will disagree with them, and they feel they can have no real effect on the outcome of any political decision. I adore my brother. He is, for all intents and purposes, my best friend. But I am floored by his chosen ignorance.


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