And Then Comes the Ex-Boyfriend

I just received and email from Iraq. He’s doing fine, but wishes the people would take responsibility for their own governance. He seems to think they’re getting the hang of it. There was more, but I had a hard time reading it. I was suddenly overcome with the vast changes that have occurred in my life over the last four years. Would he even recognize me now? God, would he even speak to me?

I used to be a Republican teacher standing up for God and Country. I was wholesome, clean-cut, and Daddy’s little girl. My boyfriend was an Anthropology major, an Army LT, on the lacrosse team, a member of a fraternity and on his way to a year tour in South Korea. What happened to me? How did I turn into this Buddhist liberal hippie without a job aimlessly wandering through life? Was it the absence of a constant role model that led me astray? Or was I really never that person in the first place?

I wonder what events and experiences in our lives cause such drastic life changes. Is it a series of things, or do we just decide one day that we don’t like who we are? Has it been gradual, or did I change overnight? I really don’t know. I just can’t imagine being the person that I was, and right now, I’m pretty happy with the person that I am.


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I am not perfect. I do my best to practice what I preach, but I am human. My mantra is, "DO NO HARM". I may not always succeed, but I will always try. My goal is to be a better person today than I was yesterday.

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