For Profit

Rashad Williams was killed because he was trying to break into a house. What he did was wrong, absolutely, and if he was threatening the life and livelihood of the family in the house, I don’t necessarily disagree with the justification for the shooting. I can’t say I wouldn’t shoot a man who was trying to rob my house while my children were inside. My question is this: How is what this kid did any different than what the US is doing in Iraq?

Instead of invading a house to further our own gains, we invaded a country. We threatened an entire people. Shouldn’t they rise up against us? Wouldn’t rising up against us be the act of a free people who are defending themselves against a violent foreign aggressor who has killed over 30,000 people and invaded their homeland for no just cause? Aren’t they justified in doing so? Throughout the history of this country, the definition of freedom has been the right to defend oneself. Free men have the right to defend their freedom if it is threatened. The Iraqi people were free before we got to them. They didn’t invite us in and they made it pretty clear that they don’t want us there. So they should be allowed to shoot us on site.

Because everything we are doing in Iraq, we are doing for profit. We may veil it in the concept of freedom and liberty, but it is a VERY THIN VEIL. The truth is, we as a country, are no different than Rashad Williams: young, selfish, and naive


2 Responses to “For Profit”

  1. 1 opit
    February 18, 2007 at 5:57 pm

    Bravo. Precisely.
    Insurrection is currently being financed in Iran ( Contra Rebels, for instance, ring a bell ? ) as part of the “softening up” ( Iraq was bombed before the invasion – standard military assault doctrine ). Propaganda designed to insulate them from the sympathies of the U.S. people and Israelis is underway.
    Naval forces are assembling nearby ( 3 carrier groups ! ) to provide interception of any possible missile attack ( like Hamas uses ) and covering fire. Assault craft are included in the mix of vessels.
    Bush says he has no intent of attacking Iran. Then again, Don Rumsfeld seemed to have an appointment for life, to hear him tell it.

  2. 2 United We Lay
    February 18, 2007 at 11:50 pm

    I don’t think its being financed by the Iranian government, though. I think we need to be careful about blame, especially since we got it wrong Iraq.

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