Comedy Central Goes Vegan (No Huevos)

Comedy Central aired a South Park in which the image of Muhammad was censored. I have made it clear that I am not a fan of censorship in any way, but this Muhammad thing is REALLY pissing me off. First of all, Muhammad is not holy. He is not real. He is a myth, just like all other religious Second, it’s MUSLIMS who believe they can’t depict him, for whatever silly reason. He’s fair game for the rest of us.

If you saw the South Park episodes, it was all about how easy it is to believe in free speech if you don’t actually have to defend it. The liberties we don’t defend tend to whither away, and this one is on it’s way out. Music and TV are censored because parents are lazy. Everything is rated so that no one has to actually know anything about a product before denouncing it. People are afraid to discuss politics and religion unless is anonymous (online). We’ve seen what happens when you speak out against the President. Having the residents of South Park put their heads in the sand because they didn’t want to deal with the cartoon’s ramifications was a great analogy. Americans have been putting their heads in the sand for years.

To be free means to not be controlled by the obligation or will of another, to not be subject to external restraint. Free speech means that we are allowed to say what we feel, when and where we feel it, without fear (or care) of offending or being censored. Instead, we ignore important subjects and discussions because people might not think like us. Isn’t the beautiful thing about this world that we are all different? Isn’t it better to learn about each other’s differences rather than to ignore them? How do we really know where we stand if we don’t know what all the options are? Can’t we still be true to our own beliefs while respecting the beliefs of others? It’s not like South Park aired in Pakistan. The Danish cartoons didn’t reach the Muslim world until Muslims brought them there.

If you’re going to fight, fight for what’s important. Speak your mind. The best will follow.


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