Traditional Marriage

Instead of giving all the reasons why I have no problem with gays and lesbians being able to have the same rights and benefits as I do, I thought I’d talk just a little bit about the future of my son and what I would like his view of a traditional marriage to be. I think most people would agree that it’s best for everyone if a marriage is entered into by adults who have met, fallen in love, and decided to spend their lives together. It’s an excellent idea, however, not a traditional one. A traditional marriage is arranged by the parents of those to be married, includes a dowry of some kind (sometimes including the sister of the bride), often is blind (meaning the parties to be married have not met), and is polygamous. Is this what I want my son to see as a traditional marriage? NO.

I think it would be much better if my son defined a traditional marriage as one between consenting adults, regardless of their gender. Since homosexuality is biologically determined, teaching my son that they should no marry is like teaching him that people of different races should not marry. Oops. We already broke that rule. Telling him that a traditional marriage is between one man and one woman would be teaching him that people are limited in whom they choose to love. I don’t want him to feel that way.

I love my son. I can’t imagine having my son come home and tell me he’s in love only to learn he will suffer a lifetime of persecution because his interest shares the same biological model as he does. I would feel even worse trying to explain to him that he can’t marry the person he loves because some Jesus freak on Capital Hill says it’s wrong, but can’t give a clear reason why. Oh, and if he comes home with his wife one day and they say they would like to welcome someone else into the family, someone who is an adult, loves them both, and would like to make a lifetime commitment to them, I would be okay with that, too. That is a much better version of the traditional form of marriage, and as long as they are consenting adults and have discussed all of the pitfalls that come with a plural marriage, I would support him.


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