Men of Honor

I know not all of the troops are trading pictures of dead Iraqis for porn, but I think it’s time to wonder what kinds of boys they’re recruiting now. Generations of my family have been in the military and they’ve never seen anything like this. Although, if there had been more cameras available in Vietnam, the result may have been similar. War does strange things to people. It makes some less than human and others more than saints. To do something of this nature dishonors the memory of those who have fought bravely and died valiantly. It makes me angry on so many levels. Torture is the cruelest form of punishment, which is not to say that it isn’t necessary in a very few, very dangerous cases. It weakens our image world-wide and makes us look like barbarians. It makes our countrymen ashamed to support the military. As Americans, it is our duty to demand that these men be immediately discharged from duty and prosecuted for war crimes.


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