No Religious Holidays

As the population of America grows more diverse, schools are struggling with how to honor religious holidays for all of their students. The answer: eliminate them. I worked for one of the only counties in the United States who has done so. Honestly, we didn’t have any problems. Kids who were to be out of school for a particular holiday had to have a note signed by their parents. They were expected to make up any school work for the day. The schools did not schedule standardized testing during religious holidays. It seemed to work out pretty well. And though I did have off for Christmas and New Years (though it was called “Winter Break”), for the first time in my life I was in school on Holy Thursday, Good Friday, and Easter Monday, so even the Christians had to give up some of their holidays. This year, the country reinstated their religious calander because the Chirstians lobbied for the Muslims (but only because they couldn’t stand having to play fair) There’s no reason why a public school, or any public building, for that matter, should cater to religious holidays, especially if these country really does subscribe to the separation of church and state.


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