New Orleans

We will be judged as a nation by how we handled this disaster, as well as the questions we ask and the answers we DEMAND in its aftermath. For some of us, especially those with relatives in New Orleans and the surrounding areas, the past few days have been hell. And it is a hell created, in part, by the Federal Government, it’s war in Iraq, and it’s obviously inept director of Homeland Security. There are many questions, and they will all be asked. When the they are answered is up to us.

Our leaders are making rash decisions but they are not being held accountable for them. WE are not holding them accountable. Not just our soldiers, but our PEOPLE are dying because of these decisions. Innocent babies and elderly have literally dropped dead on the street. No matter how much we discuss the horror, the fact remains: We MUST demand answers! We should all be severely disappointed in our countrymen who blindly trust their government in peace as well as in war. We should be ashamed of the responses we have been given, and we should be angry enough not to settle for cookie-cutter answers given in staged press conferences.

This week we have literally watched souls slip away in front of our eyes. At least five babies died of dehydration in front of the Convention Center in New Orleans. Never in my life did I ever thing I would hear people in my own country begging for food and water to keep themselves alive. Make no mistake, those are the sounds of war, and they have been ignored. What has been done to help? What have YOU done to help? This disaster is not the end. If we choose not to play an active role in our government, we can only blame OURSELVES for their actions.

We have failed our countrymen. We have allowed this suffering. We have let these people die. It is OUR fault, and ours alone. We were not vocal enough. We were not angry enough. We were complacent, quiet, and controlled.

I have been shocked into action, and there is more than enough action to take. I will become a full-time critic of my government. I will ASK the right questions. I will DEMAND answers. I will not leave it up to someone else. I have seen what happens when I drop the ball.


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