Same Sex Education

I attended a women’s college. The skills I learned there are enumerable, and though I could have gotten many of them from a co-ed university, I feel Rosemont has given me an incredible advantage. Statistics have shown that women in my age group were not called on as much in classes, did not participate in after-school activities as much, and were fairly timid and quiet in the classroom. At a women’s college, it was just us. We had to answer questions in class because there were no men to call out. We had to run the campus organizations or give them up. We had to speak our minds because no one would present our opinion first. We learned to be confident, intelligent women. I never would have written my own blog before I went to Rosemont. I never thought what I had to say was important enough for others to read, let alone comment on.

In my opinion, school should be co-ed until 7th grade. After that, boys and girls should be separated for academic classes, but not for lunch, study hall, or homeroom. They still need to interact with each other in a supervised setting, but should be in separate classes.


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